Most of my work is "Integrated Surface Collage". What that means is that I paint and collage the image. I collage by tearing up or cutting papers and gluing down to work the image. I use 99% papers I paint or manipulate myself. I use mostly acrylic paint, but allow myself to add watercolor and ink also. Some pieces are worked on mat board and some on watercolor paper. I do not paint on canvas. I do not enjoy painting on canvas. Because of the process of collage, these pieces do have texture to them. 
When the piece is finished, I apply 2 coats of Acrylic Varnish. At present I am sealing with Minwax polycrylic semi-gloss finish. You do not have to put behind glass. I do not put my pieces behind glass, but you can if you wish. 
The image here is the way I frame my pieces. My husband, John, makes these frames. Art is mounted on a 1x2 handmade wood frame painted black and set in a handmade wood black float frame with 1/4" clearance from art work. 
If you are interested in purchasing a piece but don't want it framed like this, you need to let me know pretty quick because I am in the process of framing nearly all of my work to get ready for shows this year.
Shipping has gone up so you may want to remember that when purchasing framed or unframed. Once framed, it is pretty much a done deal.
Thank you for your interest!