Most of my work is "Integrated Surface Collage". What that means is that I paint and collage the image. I collage by tearing up or cutting papers and gluing down to work the image. I use 99% papers I paint or manipulate myself. I use mostly acrylic paint, but allow myself to add watercolor and ink also. Some pieces are worked on mat board and some on watercolor paper. I do not paint on canvas. I do not enjoy painting on canvas. Because of the process of collage, these pieces do have texture to them. 
When the piece is finished, I apply 2 coats of Acrylic Varnish. At present I am sealing with Minwax polycrylic semi-gloss finish. You do not have to put behind glass. I do not put my pieces behind glass, but you can if you wish. 
My husband, John, makes the frames. Art is mounted on a 1x2 handmade wood frame painted black and set in a handmade wood black float frame with 1/4" clearance from art work. 

Please NOTE: I am now doing all pottery. Have been since Jan. 2017. The pieces that are on this website are all I have left of my work. If I ever go back to painting it will just be painting, not collage.

Thank you for your interest!