My name is Suzi Dennis and I am a self-taught, working artist who works and teaches out of my studio at my home in Hot Springs, Arkansas on beautiful Lake Hamilton.

When I began drawing and painting 
somewhere around age 10,I never 
dreamed I would someday make my 
living from my art. 
It didn’t come overnight and it’s 
nothing I’ve spent my life working 
toward.It was a gradual thing. 
I spent 25 years of my life working 
“real” jobs and raising children and it wasn’t until I was over forty that the process of being a working artist 
began for me.

Beginning in 1987 I 
began painting professionally 
and in 1993 began 
traveling the art fair 
circuit. My husband John and 
I spent the next 15 years 
traveling all over the U.S. 
doing shows in Missouri, 
Wisconsin, Alabama, Arizona, 
South Dakota and Tennessee 
to name a few.

In 2009 I returned to work 
for 3 years in my other career 
as a nurse. I officially retired 
in April 2012 and was on my way 
to creating online workshops, 
you tube videos, teaching in my 
studio, and exhibiting in galleries.

But all that changed

In 2013, I lost my most precious creation, 
my daughter Shari.
My studio went dark and I didn’t care if I ever painted again.
I had a talk with God and told Him if He wanted me doing art, 
He would have to make it happen
because I didn’t care.

He did and now I do.

I started back slowly with making my "JOURNEY JOURNALS" in her memory and slowly returned to where I am today - creating what God puts in my heart.

I am a Mixed Media artist who loves paper,paint and layers. My focus with my art is on using acrylics and other permanent media to paint papers and create collages. I also use these papers along with up-cycled materials in making handmade journals. 

My most recent passion is pottery which has opened up a whole new world for me and given me a new "canvas" for my creations.

I am actively teaching workshops online and in my Studio as well as showing my art online and in galleries.

I do what I do because God has given me this gift and as long as He continues to grace me with this gift, I will create.

My signature ends with the Chi Rho which is the first two letters in Greek for the Name Christ. I put this at the end of my signature to show that it is not by my hand a painting is created but by God's Hand.

Thank you for stopping by.