By Suzi

Periodically, I find myself over flowing with 
lots of collage papers and 
I am making them all the time 
so decided it's time to pass them on to you!
This will be available as long as they last.

A Pack of Collage papers is made up of 10 paper pieces ranging in size from approximately 4"x4" to 5"x7".
Each one uniquely different.
These are some I have ready and there are many more. 
No way of knowing what your pack will be like but I assure you they will be fun and interesting papers.
These papers are all created from the table paper I have on my table when I work. When it is full of marks I add to them, some more elaborate than other, and use in collages.
I call them my Serendipity Papers.

$8 includes shipping in U.S.
20 plus packs and gone in an hour!
thanks everyone!
See you next time!